The company had been established in 2017 under the name Pulito d.o.o., with the goal of offering dishwashing solutions with the brand DIHR. Our markets for DIHR brand are Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and BiH.

In the year 2019 we have made several analyses of dishwashing detergents. The goal was to find optimal solutions for our dishwashers. Which we have achieved.

The results had been demonstrated to the authorised distributor of DIHR and that is Elmont Bled d.d. With them we made a strategic partnership with the support of ALI GROUP srl. 

In the year 2020 we started with new product Icematic Cleaner for Icematic icemakers on Slovenian market. With great sales results we became authorized dealer of Icematic Cleaner worldwide.

Our vision that every user of DIHR dishwasher is using DIHR dishwashing detergents. With the use of these detergents, we guarantee perfect dishwashing results. The same vision we have with with Icematic cleaner, that every user of Icematic machine using Icematic cleaner.

With the new concept we are trying to bring the DIHR and Icematic brand to even higher level. A customer that uses our detergents gets an extended warranty period and the full support of our partners. 

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